5 Tips to Get Your Toddlers Brushing

Toddlers can be a stubborn bunch. Getting them to eat veggies or accept when it’s their bedtime can be like… well, pulling teeth. The new found independence when they discover they can say “NO” is both why we love them, but also why we sometimes think about putting them up for adoption… Just kidding.

Letting them stay up past their bed-time or skipping the Brussel sprouts probably won’t hurt in the short term. However, habits form early. This is especially true for brushing your teeth. It is critical to get kids familiar with brushing, as it is something they will do for the rest of their lives. Sure, their baby teeth won’t last, but the discipline and good habit of brushing daily is something that will last.

Below are 5 tips to get your toddlers brushing:

  •  Everyone needs to brush their teeth (Even Barbie and Action Man)

When it’s bath time, have your child watch you brush your teeth, then have them brush the teeth of their dolls, or bath toys. When they’ve finished, they will be much more likely to let you brush their teeth,or even brush their own teeth.

  •    Have them brush your teeth

Give your tot the toothbrush and have them brush your teeth.Giving them a sense of control and reciprocity will make it far easier when it comes time for them brush their teeth.

  • Sing a song or use a musical toothbrush

Not only will it make it a bit more fun, but it also will get them to brush their teeth for a consistent amount of time (until the song is over).  

  • Consider different toothpaste

Or skipping it all together. Most dentists say that it’s fine at this age since most kids don’t like toothpaste. Either that or try different kids toothpaste brands to see which one works best.

  •  Make it a competition

If they are old enough, it can be a good idea to set up a calendar with stickers. This way, when your tot brushes that get a gold star,and if they don’t then they don’t get a gold star.


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