Going to the Dentist? The Pre-Checkup Checklist

At Haberfield Dental Practice we love new patients from all across Sydney and even if you’re a previous patient here are some tips that might before your next checkup.

  1. Previous Dental Records – if you’re a new patient, it’s best to contact your previous dentist and request to have your previous records and x-rays sent to us. It really allows us to get a better understanding of how to best care for your teeth moving forward.
  2. Clean Please – Everyone loves a clean mouth, especially the team at Haberfield Dental Practice. Before your next checkup we’d love it if you can give your teeth a quick clean and floss. If you’re feeling really generous a swish of mouthwash is always appreciated.
  3. Arrive Early – Give yourself enough time to complete forms if you’re a new patient and relax before your appointment in our comfy waiting room.
  4. Discuss Your Concerns – Prepare some questions you may have for your dentist is a great idea. Discussing dental issues before they become dental problems with your dentist can help determine preventive treatment and may keep you from having to make a dental emergency appointment in the future.
  5. Schedule Your Next Checkup – So you don’t forget to come in regularly for cleanings and checkups, schedule your next appointment before you leave the dentist’s office.

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