Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning is a vital part of a regular visit to our surgery and to your dental health. In addition to an oral exam, dental cleaning is usually recommended every six months.

Regular cleaning and monitoring is essential in the maintenance of healthy gums and your dental health. Most patients have irregularities in the teeth where plaque can build up in out of reach areas and is hardened into tartar. This can only be removed by a dentist through scaling your teeth, and if necessary, the roots of the teeth as well.

Dental cleaning is essential in prevention of conditions such as gingivitis and gum disease, which can affect your dental health.

Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease.

Gingivitis can cause:

  • Red, swollen or puffy gums that will often bleed easily

If caught early and addressed by our dentists through sound oral hygiene measures, we can help to prevent the progression of gum disease.

If plaque and tartar isn’t removed with thorough cleaning, the damage will eventually go beyond the tooth and progress to the structures that support the tooth.

You may not know you have gum disease. Often it is not painful and some people with gum disease have no symptoms at all. This is one of the reasons why you should have regular check-ups with one of our dentists. We are trained to detect early signs of gum disease and help you develop good oral hygiene habits.

Gum disease, if left untreated, can:

  • Lead to bad breath
  • Lead to gum recession
  • Damage and weaken teeth leading to the loss of healthy teeth
  • Damage the bone around the root of the tooth that anchors teeth in the jaw
  • Affect your overall health and wellbeing

Even patients with the most diligent flossing and brushing techquines can potentially develop gum disease.

In addition to dental cleaning, Haberfield Dental Practice can provide you with optional fluoride treatments and remineralising pastes to strengthen your teeth, prevent cavities, eliminate sensitivity and improve your dental health. We like to use this time to learn more about your at-home dental hygiene habits so that we can suggest improvements when necessary.

We will recommend products that will optimise your oral at-home care and we also show you the best materials for brushing, flossing and rinsing.

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