Oral Exam Dentist

An oral exam is a very important part of your overall dental and oral health no matter what your age. Oral health is the absence of active disease in the mouth. It affects overall well being and enables people to participate in their chosen roles without discomfort or embarrassment.

Regular oral exams or check-ups develop a solid relationship with your dentist so that he or she can help you preserve your strong, healthy and beautiful smile throughout your lifetime.

Our oral exams and check- ups are all about preventative dentistry; preventing the dental treatment that may be required as a result of the damaging effects of tooth decay and gum disease.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients book an oral exam or check-up with our Oral Exam Dentist at least every six months. These appointments can help to detect cavities and other oral problems early, reducing the potential for major dental treatment.

An oral health exam involves:

  • A comprehensive examination of the patients teeth, gums and the soft tissue lining of your mouth as well as other structures such as your tongue, and upper palate
  • Taking images of the patients jaw and teeth using our digital x-ray and camera
  • Ensuring that existing problems are identified and dealt with before they become a significant dental issue
  • Developing a personalised treatment plan outlining the various treatments the patient may require and the estimated costs associated
  • Educating the patient to modify their oral hygiene and dietary habits, and
  • Educating the patient about life style choices such as smoking that may affect not only their oral health but their general well-being as well.

Remember, a dental problem only gets more complex and more costly over time, so remember to have an oral health exam twice a year.

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