White Dental Fillings or Composite Restorations

A dental filling is a plug of material that is placed into a tooth to replace missing tooth substance and/or structure.fillings

If you are embarrassed about unsightly black mercury amalgam dental fillings in your teeth that ruin your smile, you may wish to consider replacing these with white or composite restorations.

Mercury amalgam dental fillings can be simply replaced with composite dental fillings to ensure that your teeth look as natural as possible.

Composite dental fillings

Composite dental fillings are highly aesthetic fillings made of tooth coloured material. The dental filling material is available in different shades which can be blended and mixed to find the perfect colour to match your natural teeth.

Composite dental fillings consist of a resin matrix with filler particles. The resin is the liquid component that hardens with time by chemical reaction. The filler particles are made from solid substances such as glass or pieces of set resin.

This dental filling material is then bonded to your remaining tooth structure. An advantage of using white or composite dental fillings is that the tooth/composite bond supports the remaining tooth structure, which deters breakages and allows us to keep more of the natural tooth structure intact.

Here at Haberfield Dental Practice, we believe in conservative dentistry. The more natural tooth structure you keep the better teeth you’ll have in the future.

White or composite dental fillings may be used for a variety of reasons:amalgam

  • To close spaces between the front teeth
  • To improve your smile
  • To change the colour, shape and structure of a tooth
  • To fix a broken tooth
  • To replace grey amalgam fillings in the front or back teeth
  • To fill cavities caused by decay
  • To protect the surface of the tooth

You may not know if you need fillings in your teeth. Many small to medium holes in teeth are asymptomatic, giving no pain. In fact, decay can sometimes eat out two-thirds of the tooth from the inside and you would have no idea it is happening. If your teeth are sensitive to hot, cold, or sweet food and drink, you may need fillings. All persistently sensitive teeth should be checked by one of our dentists. Toothache that lasts for more than a few minutes at a time should be investigated as well.

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