Teeth Whitening: How to Brighten up your Smile

So you want to get your teeth whitened?

Getting that perfect celebrity white smile is a highly coveted goal for some people. And for good reason. Not only are white teeth a sign of good dental hygiene, they are also the focal point of your face, giving you the ability to meet any challenge head on with confidence.


What causes tooth discolouration?

While the dentists at Haberfield are experts in brightening up any smile, the success of the treatment can depend on the cause or extent of your tooth discolouration.

For example, teeth don’t discolour for the same reasons. It could be diet or health related, tooth decay or the result of a bad habit such as smoking. It is therefore important that you visit your Haberfield Dentist to find out the cause before pursuing a whitening treatment.

Typically, the best results from whitening treatments occur when your teeth are slightly yellow and need some brightening up. Results with grey, black or brown teeth are less likely to be effective as the discolouration is more likely the result of some underlying issue affecting your teeth. In this case, it may require avoiding certain foods or kicking a habit once and for all.


Is it safe?

Teeth whitening treatments are non-invasive and don’t require surgery or scary needles. However, outside of professional dental institutions such as Haberfield Dental Practice, some treatments carry the risk of chemical burns if not carried out properly.

For example, teeth whitening treatments sold over the counter contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. While the concentrations sold over the counter are lower and have less risk of chemical burns, they are generally less effective.

It is safest, and you will get the best results from visiting a dental professional who can perform a teeth whitening safely.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is best to avoid all teeth whitening, as the chemicals used may be enter the placenta and breastmilk.


Is it expensive?

Professional teeth whitening treatments can vary in their costs depending on the extent of the treatment and the chemicals used.

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