Establishing Dental Routine

As we head into the #StayHome phenomenon, it is important to maintain our oral hygiene and overall health routines. 

It generally takes 21 days to establish or break a habit, and now with the majority of the world staying home, it’s the perfect time to get into a new rhythm. 

Our day generally begins with a morning ritual getting ourselves ready to leave the home to go to work, it signals our day has started. It is very easy to forget to brush our teeth in the morning when we remain at home, as we have lost the ‘trigger’ of the morning ritual. So, it is imperative that we continue to brush our teeth as soon as you finish breakfast or as soon as you wake up, this will provide you an indicator your working day has begun. 

Brushing our teeth at night is even more important! Throughout the day we eat all types of food, from acidic, sugary and carbohydrates that all provide a great food source to the bacteria in our mouth. The bacteria use this food to turn it into acid and thus helps break down the tooth or can lead to gum disease.

Saliva is a great protector of your teeth; it has a number of ingredients which fights bacteria but also mineralises the teeth. While we sleep, your salivary levels reduce dramatically, so by not brushing and using fluoridated toothpaste to protect your teeth, the bacteria will use the food retained in your mouth to increase your risk of decay. This also can be applied in the morning, where your teeth have not been protected throughout the night and then we apply acid to the oral environment. That is why it is so important to keep brushing and provide ourselves with 12 hours protection. 

We now have access to the pantry, possibly increasing our frequency of eating and this may not be all too healthy. Remember to limit your snacking and eat those sugary snacks with your main meals. 

While we are at home, do not forget to wear any dentist prescribed retainers to hold your teeth in position and keep them clean. 

It is important to establish these routines early while staying home or in general, where brushing twice a day and flossing daily is the steps required to have health teeth and gums. 

Stay tuned for demonstration and special tips on on brushing and flossing. 

Dr Matthew Salameh

Haberfield Dental Practice


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