Paste It! Kids Toothpaste Making Activity

fun tooth paste

Paste It! Kids Toothpaste Making Activity


Today we had some fun making #toothpaste at home as part of our #homeschooling activities. 

This is really quite a good one for #preschool as it’s all about #sensory play, however it works well for the school age children too as we used it as part of #science week activities for school. 
Our method: 
4 tsp baking soda 
1 tsp salt 
1 tsp water
1 drop strawberry flavouring 
Mix altogether!
Note, you may need to add a drop more water to loosen the mixture (make it to your preferred consistency).
Feel free to use whatever flavouring you like, we have girls so strawberry was the winner but you can use peppermint or orange.
Let your kids mix it up, add onto a toothbrush for a quick brushing for their teeth or they can simply just mix, smell, touch and play. Even use the toothpaste on one of their favourite dolly friends.
As your #smileydentist though I need to remind you the importance of fluoride in actual toothpaste.
But for now this is just a bit of fun!

Let’s play, play, play!