Tooth City! Volcano Eruption

Lately our kids have been obsessed with lava, each day they hop around our furniture saying “the floor is lava”. 😂

So in true dental style, we are ending #scienceweek on a high by creating volcanic toothpaste.

Firstly we created a TOOTH CITY artwork which includes little teeth as people, mouths as housing blocks, a toothbrush drive through, gum tree park, crown shopping centre and a big volcanic toothpaste in its centre. 

The volcanic toothpaste erupted today using our experiment but it did save tooth city as it was at risk of decay!

Our method:

A glass jar or cup (capacity 500ml)

1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide liquid (6% solution)

1 tbs dry yeast 

3 tbs warm water

1 tbs liquid dishwashing soap 

A few drops of food colouring 

Small cup

Safety glasses 

Tooth city artwork (optional) 


*Pour the hydrogen peroxide into the jar followed by food colouring, and dishwashing liquid. 

*Carefully swish around the jar to mix.

*In the separate cup add water and yeast mix.

*Pour yeast mix into the jar with the hydrogen and watch the toothpaste slowly erupt!


*Take care when handling the hydrogen peroxide – should only be handled by an adult.

*Use warm water not hot. 

*The foam will overflow so be prepared or place the jar on a tray.

Let’s get erupting!